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Information from international dried nut in 2015

 Festival nuts and world dried fruit ,which Council international nut INC operate, an important annual event and attracted to many international repesentative participated. This year's event held in three days, from 22 - 25.24.2015 in Turkey with 921 participants from 55 countries and territories around the world, Vietnam had only 03 participants. In the second thematic session on cashew and 9th session of the nuts / other dried fruit, VINACAS representatives in Congress has recorded some of the following information:

1. General assessment of crop production, global cashew output 2015/2016: Vietnam and India output decline while the region of West Africa, especially Ivory Coast output increased. Without the seasonal fluctuations in East Africa and Indonesia the end of this year, it forecasts global output of the season 2015/2016 was about 2.73 million tons.

2. There are signs that the imbalance between the growth of raw materials (5% / year) and the rate of increasing in processing capacity both Vietnam and India (8-10%).

3. The production by machine requires greater attention on the quality of raw cashew nuts. So there is more requirement to have an agreed international standards for raw cahsew nut, especially that imported from Africa. However, there is controversy about the origin.

 4. Machines have changed the "face" of the cahew industry recent years. Go with it is the economic efficiency, productivity and quality are increased. But in India, the structure of an (pieces) increase,  together with the quality issues in recent times have led to require simplify system-level standards 32 current row .

5. About the issue of cashew processing in Africa, delegates said it is not a convenient time for processing in Africa because of higher processing costs than processing in Vietnam and India. Besides that is labor issues.

6. The situation crop for other grains of cashews (Almond, hazelnut, pistachio, walnut, ...) have difficulty  and forecast lowerer output this year due to change global climate, particularly heavy fog in Turkey and drought in the United States - California - the largest producing state NNUS (with 9/10 kind of world land can plant variety tree) in recent years faced serious drought conditions weight. Also due to the use of protection products drug too man, they also are in shortage of bees receptor chalk, investment costs for livestock, bees pollinate rent almost up to tens of millions of dollars each year.

7. It seems that there is demand global grain increase  steadily when multiple report shows the effectiveness of research programs and communication about the nuts, and good eating psychological have benefit health of consumers in the US and European countries (Eg Mediterranean cuisine, ...). The output of grain consumption China and India are also growing and this is the main consuming market of US goods almonds.

8. American customers are very interested in the quality of imported and trace the origin goods. They are intention to invest some big factories in Vietnam to focus sources, to meet increasingly stringent standards of FDA's organization. Besides one big North American customer suggest VINACAS promulgated a certification mark cargo "VINACAS Seal" for each standard on the market American schools, in order to create greater confidence for US customers and the FDA, AFI for Vietnam Cashew origin.

9. Noting sideline INC Congress in 2015, a number of large customers US and Europe predicted that if the market does not have unexpected developments, the price of cashew nuts this year may remained stable at around +3.6 USD / lb (FOB).

10. A large number of customers in North America, Europe and India very interested in Vietnam market, especiall the India cashew processing decrease this year. So Events Association Customer Conference in May 11/2015 in the HCM city will be an opportunity good for customers through visits and meetings DN VN.

Information about the market situation, the price of cashew nuts.

In the past week, the raw cashew market and cahew kernel record to have some of fluctation and more positive direction. For raw cashew, the delivery stuation is developing and price is steady in market; although the number of delivery is small but the majority is the quality suit with contract. However new raw cashew of Guinea Bissau was offered in prices too high, from 1600-1650 USD / Mt. CNF HCMC.

About the cashew kernel market, customers in North America, Europe questions ask to buy at good prices, and enhanced remote purchase. However the quality and reputation are according to quite strict. In AFI information, the business in warning about quality of FDA or problems in time contract performance will have difficulties in purchasing it for the US market this year. Price of cashew today unchanged compared to a previous week (Unit: USD / lb FOB Tp. HCM): W240: 3.8 to 3.85; W320: 3.55 to 3.65; W450 / SW320: 3.25 to 3.35; WS / WB: 2,9- 3.0; LWP: 2.7 to 2.8.

The source: The international newspaper


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