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(06/25/2015) according to statistics of the Department of Industry and Trade, the first cashew export of the province is higher than the rubber during 6 months in cycle.

In the first 6 months of this year, the Binh Phuoc cashew business estimated 16,647 tones of cashew kernels, worth $ 117.92 million, up 28.67% in volume, up 37.14% in value while exports of finished rubber 61,104 tonnes worth USD 101.84 million, increasing by 7.8% in volume, but decreased to 23.64% in value compared to the same period in 2014.

In  2014, Binh Phuoc's cashew kernels export 26,700 tons, up 3.3% in volume and 3.7% in value, the finished rubber with 132.75 thousand tons, increasing by 14.5% in volume and 12, 3% in value compared with 2013. With the signals from the market, and compare export data in 2014 and the first 6 months of 2015, showed that in 2015 the export of Binh Phuoc cashew which is the first time will pass the rubbed. This is a problem which many analysts macroeconomics could predict when rubber prices continually hit bottom and no signs of a cyclical recovery or growing again. Meanwhile, the processing enterprises, export conditions in the province have continuously expanded production as well as search for foreign markets.

In the aspect of real value(wealth creation to society), rubber still remain the number one for the economy of Binh Phuoc. Because, 117.92 million dollars earned, processing enterprises, export of Binh Phuoc has spend big amount of foreign currency to import raw materials for production, while rubber exports do not lose any costs in imports. However, it does not lead  to reduce significantly of the leading exporter of cashew. To have mass export of cashew nut growing, businesses have directly created thousands of jobs for workers. Which is pulled by the auxiliary services and also create jobs for thousands of other workers ...

It can be seen, after the early 2000s with the "mission" of poverty reduction, now trees and branches that are really becoming an economic spearhead of the province. In every moment, every plant, every industry keeps a certain role for the economy. Going along with that role, managers and policymakers must make a plan with the development strategy from time to time, at the same time long-term orientation in order to stabilize the macro. And cashews especially in Binh Phuoc cashew , needed with policy makers, need a strategy to respond with an economic spearhead of the province. These policies and strategies need to be developed that are basically from the trees sprout, marcotting to grow, until the nuts placed on consumers.

Doing that, not only bring benefit thousands of cashew farmers in the province, thousands of workers are employed in factories, processing units, export it, but also create sustainable fulcrum the business sector to make long-term development, scaling, reduced grab business, especially in Binh Phuoc will then not only is the capital of what direction to tree near future will be the capital of the industry in the country, beyond which is the capital of the industry in the world. That dream has come true or not depends largely on who is responsible and dedicated to trees, with farmers, with businesses and with homeland potential of Binh Phuoc.

The source:  Vinacas


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