Cashew nuts processing industry before the problem of cooperation on 29th March, 2016


 From 2006 to now, Vietnam has continuously topped the world in the export of cashew kernels, the capacity of annual processing up to 1.4 million tons (accounting for nearly 50% of the total 2.9 million tons of raw cashew nuts processing over the world). But from here, cashew industry in Viet Nam increasingly dependent on imported raw materials, particularly from African countries where accounted for 40% of raw cashew nuts in the world.

Cooperation is the trend

In the early 2000s, when capacity of the processing plant exceeded the local harvest, enterprises have to import raw materials mainly from African countries. At that time, they imported only 20% - 30% and 70% - 80% is using of raw materials in the country, but by 2014 imported cashew nuts had to increase 50% to enough high-quality processing goods for export. And in 2015, the companies entered over 860,000 tons, accounting for over 60% of processing products. Besides productivity increased, the reason result in raw cashew nuts in the country dropped in trees that do not compete with other industrial plants more valuable, such as coffee, rubber , pepper. Cashew just stick lands that other trees can not withstand it. 


In late 2013, collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vinacas organized Conference of developing cashew nut that Vietnam - Africa in the Ho Chi Minh city with the presence supply raw cashew nut from Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Nigeria, Benin ... and that the African Union (ACA). Recently, the Council Cotton and Cashew nuts Ivory Coast (CCA) has more specific steps, such as CCA to ensure the performance of contracts, but each side has different goals.


Which extent to coorporation?

It can be said, this is controversial even within the Vinacas and cashew. Pham Van Cong, Vice President, Head of Science and Technology Vinacas, said that the aspirations of many processing plants that did not want to export machinery, equipment out of Vietnam, especially as no transfer of technology for Africa. According to Nguyen Duc Thanh, the cooperation should be at the state level between governments and coordination, division of tasks between the parties, as well as specific limits, avoid making up everyone, only help to benefit cooperation and will kill the domestic industry. Cooperation is the trend, but must have a roadmap and there are certain limitations. This is not for the purpose of protection that aim is to society, as hundreds of thousands of workers and to ensure that the cashew nuts industry can develop sustainably. But through which also shows that the cashew nut industry needs to new initiative step move in order to enhance the processing of value added.

After all, in the long term raw cashew-exporting countries also will find ways of processing in place and gradually stop exporting the way production as over 20 years ago Vietnam did.





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