In 2015, Vietnam trade surplus to Canada get approximately 2,7 billion US dollar


With the impressive  speed, Vietnam ranked 12th in total countries which export to Canada and improved 5 place compare to 2013.

The main group export to Canada includes machine, electric equipment  got 807 million US dollar, increased 208,9%; knitted products got 342 million US dollar, increase 10,9%; footwear got 338 million US dollar, increase 15,9%; wooden furniture and accessories got  259 million US dollar, increase 4%; suitcase, bag, sport equipment got 95 million US dollar, increase 35,6 million US dollar, cashew with 72 million US dollar , increase 29,1%

The item export to Canada reduce include printer, fax machine, scan machine, computer and accessories, super market ECR, mechanical items… got 296 million US dollar, reduce 9,3%; fisheries and seafood with 147 US dollar, reduce 13,3%; processed  fish, meat and seafood got 56 million US dollar, reduce 24,5%;  iron and  steel products got 49 million US dollar,  reduce 16,7%.

Such, the top valid and high speed growth  export to Canada include machine, electronic equipment (include telephone, electric cable, telecommunications equipment , IT…). Specially, cell phone strongly increase, got 525 million US dollar, increase 1,048% compare to 2014. The previous years, the top often included leather, garments or seafood.

While, the import turnover from Canada to Vietnam in 2015 got 513 million US dollar , increase 18,7% compare to the previous year and occupy 0.13% total import turnover of  Canada. Vietnam rank 35th of total country import product from Canada, rated 4 place compare to 2014.

Almost products imported from Canada usually serve for production or products which Vietnam is not able to produce such as fertilizer (61 million US dollar, increase 23,3%),soybean  and oilseeds (52 US dollar, increase 9,0%), machine, equipment, accessary (36 US dollar, increase 24,8%) ; means of transportation and accessary(28 million US dollar, increase 115,5%), machine and electric equipment (12 million US dollar, reduce 33,8%)

The highest value import from Canada is fisheries and seafood (fish, lobster, shrimp, crab, skull…) while the highest growth import is leather, fur increase 1589,4 %.

In 2014, Vietnam trade surplus to Canada 2,131 US dollar. Specifically , Vietnam export to Canada 2,562 million US dollar, increase 23,4% compare to 2013 and import from Canada 413 million US dollar, increase 4,1%.


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