Cashew early crop- Khanh Hoa

High prices but low productivity

Her family Cao Thi Sen (White Stone Village, Cau Ba commune, Khanh Vinh district, Khanh Hoa province) is one of the biggest growers in rural thing with 4ha, however, that this year's output is too low. "I planted 2ha thing in Khanh Nam lost season, the left does not get picked, 2ha in Apan thing they salvaged a little, just enough rice, expenditures for home. The whole service lasted only 3 weeks, "she said slug. She comparison, last year's season, though drought conditions, crop failure, but she yielded 4 tons, this year only a few weights.

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Thi Thanh Diep crayons house (Ca embroidery village, Khanh Hiep) also suffer losses. She Scallops with 5 pole thing (5,000m2) planted around houses and fields K25 region (the village of Ca Embroidery) but were heavy losses due to drought. The previous year, she harvested an average 2-3 kg, with five tons but this year only 1.5 kg. Besides, due to water shortages should be left small thing, no yield.

Cashew crop failure caused price first highest ever, around 29,000 VND / kg. Ms. Doan Thi Lien - the owner of a grain collection point at Bridge She said that at present all season should only collect dragging and price it has leveled off at 20,000 VND / kg. Her unit is collected for only 65 tons, while last year more than 100 tonnes. Yield little but it is also very poor quality (80% is bad, small seeds, dark skin), though she still purchased by no goods supplier.

Le Kim Sung - Vice Chairman of the CPC Mrs. Bridge, this year the whole commune has about 200ha thing, down 30 - 40ha than before. Due to drought, crop failure trees, productivity, output declined. Approximately 20% of the area that have yield 1 ton / ha, the remaining 80% of the yield is only 2-3 tons / ha. Two rural white and communal tables are more area under cultivation. In previous years, district determined that the main tree facilitate economic development. But from 2010 until now, continuously many initiations declined, due to frost should stick production fell, people move from plant to plant Acacia thing.

Discourage encourage cashew

Cashew yields fell sharply, while the price increase has prompted glue cutting people thing, glue or other trees planted have more economic value. On the other hand, the area in the province that has long cultivated most, now aging, poor grain capacity is also a cause people are not enthusiastic with cashews.

Mr. Le Van Hung - Deputy Head of Agricultural Extension Station Khanh Vinh district, said that during the peak area of ​​nearly 2,000 ha of the district, especially in the western districts of the commune are: Mrs. Bridge, Union Sang, Khanh Thuong, Opening ... However, recently, the area that fell sharply due to many reasons, of which reason is anthracnose, an area only about 400 - 500 ha. "The time of flowering trees focused on November, 12 lunar. This is also a time of much rain, high humidity, insect development, especially anthracnose (also known as rime) causing forest flowers and young pods that yield more sharply. Average yield of cashew 0.8 - 1 t / ha, but due to pests should decrease markedly. Therefore, people are no longer interested care, invest cashew ... "Mr Hung said.

Before this situation, Khanh Vinh district does not encourage people to grow things. District policy to develop other crops have higher economic value as the main varieties of fruit trees, planted forest glue instead of old things ... At present, many plants have high economic value is interested people than trees such as durian, jackfruit technology, green grapefruit, rambutan, glue ...

The source: tintucnongnghiep


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