Step 1 : Collected cashews

Just after the Lunar New Year in Vietnam is buying that plan, which bloom season about 3 months, especially in the area of Binh Phuoc. 1 month left following the start ripe fruit; after nine have left things bright yellow or red.

How to roast Cashews - Traditional Goan roasting of raw Cashews - The Caju Fruit #stepbystep #recipe

Step 2 : Drying cashew in the sun

Raw cashew nuts after collection from the garden will be the people; now dried in the sun dried cashew Usually to need to go thin on canvas, on a concrete base; Exposure for 3 days; reach 10-12% moisture can be packed and put into storage.

Step 3: Sorting out the size of raw cashew 

We use the raw cashew calibration machine to sort out the size of raw cashew in order to limit broken when cutting process.

The purpose of screening is to help sew cashews's cup; chopped nuts are convenient; not to commit cutter cashew nuts; reducing the rate for the pool; improve product handling for the next stitch.

may phan loai hat dieu

Step 4 : Steaming raw cashew

The outer shell of the raw cashew has to be removed to produce the edible cashew kernel. The outer shell of the cashew is very hard and it contains a corrosive oil which is harmful for human consumption. The process of steam roasting helps in removal of this hard shell with minimal effort. The raw cashew nuts are put in a drum connected to a mini boiler. The steam from this mini boiler is passed over the cashew nuts placed in the drum. These cashew nuts are left in the drum for 20 minutes for proper roasting. The roasted cashew nuts are then taken out of the drum and placed in the open air for a period of around 12 hours to let them cool down and help in removal of the cashew shells.

Step 5 : Taking out the shell

The roasted cashew nuts are then taken to the cutting department to remove the outer shell. This is a complex process and requires highly skilled labor to get maximum unbroken kernel output. This process required each cashew nut to be individually placed between blades of the machine operated manually to remove the outer shell. This process results in production of cashew kernel with soft inner shell. 

Step 6: Drying cashew nut kernels

In order to keep the cashew nut long time, we can make dried under sun or using the drying machines. The moisture is 3-4% for suitable with export standard and keep it longer. Beside It also remove the testa of cashew nut easier. 

Step 7 : Peeling the testa

The inner shell of the kernel has to be removed to produce the white nuts. The peeling process is designed to remove this inner soft shell after the kernel is removed from the oven. The kernel is used for peeling after it is left in the open for a period of 12 hours. This cooling helps in peeling process. Each nut is individually peeled to get white nuts. These white nuts are then sent to the grading department.

Step 8 : Color sorting cashew nut &  Quality control cashew nut

The process of grading is designed to sort the white cashew kernel into different grades. The white kernel is divided into two main types wholes and pieces. The process of sorting wholes and the pieces is based on the size, color and texture of the nuts. The sorting is done based on the set international sizes.

 Cashew nuts are placed in the oven to make the nuts crispier before they are sent to the packaging department.

 Quality control is critical in ensuring that shells produce kernels of the highest quality

Step 9 : Fumigation

At this stage, because nuts are food items which require very strict sewn food safety. Therefore, the purpose of fumigation stitching is clean, disinfect and eliminate pathogens.

We use cleaning and disinfection cashew nuts machine for reducing or eliminating pathogens, bacteria, and other sources of disease.


 Step 10 : Metal detectors & packaging

Cashew before packing; must be checked through metal detectors to remove impurities.


The cashew kernel are packed into plastic bags 22.68 kg of different sized for sale in local market and in tins of 11.04 kg for sending to other.




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