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Cashew industry and challenges

Among the 256 enterprises processing facilities, up to 119 enterprises - equivalent to 45%, does not ensure food safety (rated Class C).

Cashew trading company increase rapidly in Africa

Africa is considered is the biggest cashew cradle of the worlds with annual average quality from 700.000 to 800.000 ton. The countries with largest production in Africa is Ivory Coast (350,000 tonnes),..

Cashew kernel broken

Cashew kernel broken has a large attraction in 2014, we can be said that It is a very special year about the volume tank (splits & pieces) are processed plummeted both in India and Vietnam.

Hạt điều

Đồng Nai là một trong những khu vực phát triển điều ở Việt Nam. Nó có xu hướng tăng trong thời gian gần đây không nhiều nên phổ biến, điều Đồng Nai có nhiều khó khăn tuy nhiên, dựa trên các con đường bên phải một lần nữa họ có thể vượt qua những thách thức.

Cashew upgrading the quality of cashew export in servicing

Cashew is a agricultural product have the forth position in VietnamRecently, new plantings and yields have increased but now processed cashew exports still have to import raw materials from abroad.

Warning for raw cashew with ivory business

According to report in recently months in Ivory Coat sea, recently we have some business which sell raw cashew to run away after take money in advanced of Vietnam customers.

Cashew Exports of "swimming" upstream

According to the Vietnam Cashew Association, which in 2015 exported more than 300,000 tons could reach $ 2.25 billion worth. While other commodities such as coffee, rice decreased in both turnover and production.

Lợi ích hạt điều

Việt Nam đã có hơn 5 triệu người mắc bệnh tiểu đường. Đặc biệt là trong độ tuổi sinh viên kiểm tra cũng cho thấy, nhiều trẻ em bị tiền tiểu đường. Thế giới là 3 phương pháp điều trị, bao gồm: dinh dưỡng, thuốc và tập thể dục.

Cashew is coming in domestic market

Cashew is a kind of nut to brings many health benefits, but the result of demand is not ideal which is only about 5% of Vietnam made it is consumed domestically. Cashew is not used by many Vietnamese consumers

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khach-hangLet's us discover steps how to make cashew...

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