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Bờ Biển Ngà chính thức giao dịch điều thô niên vụ 2016

Hội đồng bộ trưởng Bờ Biển Ngà đã họp và thông qua giá sàn thu mua điều niên vụ 2016



Theo nghiên cứu của trung tâm dinh dưỡng thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, hạt điều là loại thực phẩm có giá trị dinh dưỡng cao, chỉ số đường huyết thấp, góp phần phòng ngừa các bệnh đái tháo đường, tăng huyết áp, tim mạch, ung thư, loãng xương, béo phì.

Attending Gulfood and World Cashew Convention

Bonanza Vietnam will attend Gulfood convention and World Cashew Convention on next February, 2016.

Vietnam cashew export - Binh Phuoc province

Binh Phuoc: Tree eradication of poverty to become a key economic.

Cashew -Continue to remove difficulties( topic 2)

Focusing food safety during processing


Vietnam cashew kernel challenge

Vietnam cashew kernel is the most delicious in the world because of the processing technologies. That is decision of both the customer and the competitor import export in countries that traditionally produce. So also, sometimes, information on the sale of cashew processing technology for foreign public will make on the top care.

Cashew export

During first six months in 2015, exports of cashew nuts reached $ 1.08 billion

Cashew exporters expect N18bn negotiable duty credit grant

The National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN) says its exporters are expecting N18 billion in grant after the Federal Government lifted the suspension on the Negotiable Duty Credit Certificate (NDCC).

Carrot, orange and cashew salad

I’m not usually a fan of fruit in salads, but it really works here as the orange pieces are sautéed with the date (or maple) syrup and cumin, which totally changes their texture and taste. They lose their acidity and become soft enough to blend perfectly with the other ingredients. The salad is then dressed with orange juice, too, and it all has a wonderfully sweet feel to it.

Quy Trình Sản Xuất

khach-hangLet's us discover steps how to make cashew...

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