Cashew for pregnant

Cashew, same as other kind of nut such as almond, hazelnut and pistachios, have their own specification. Cashew is not only a nut in top production but also good for health. 

The high nutrition can be consume to the pregnant to maintain the healthy state and develop for baby inside.

The research shows that the baby who has mother eat cashew and other nut in five times a week or more will have a lowest risk of developing allergy.


Moreover, cashew provide healthy fat and protein that benefit to you and your baby . Each ounce of cashew contain 4.3 gm of protein, 9gm of carbohydrate and 13 gm of healthy fat. Those mineral provide development for baby. Moreover, the rich calcium which contain in cashews help to develop bone frame and teeth of baby. The Nuts is a good resource for iron which the mineral cannot loose during pregnant period. The iron help you to prevent anaemia which is the haemoglobin levels in your blood are getting lower than need. Keep in your mind, nuts is good for healthy but they still have some nut in roasted and sugar coated. So it is the best to eat the nut with natural state.

Pregnant is the one of the most moment important in your life so care what you eat, caution what you do to help you to protect what is precious. 


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