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Vietnam cashew kernel

Vietnam cashew kernel is the most delicious in the world because of the processing technologies. That is decision of both the customer and the competitor import export in countries that traditionally produce. So also, sometimes, information on the sale of cashew processing technology for foreign public will make on the top care.

However, if only "pat chest" forever proud of themselves but not "know yourself, know people", not any action, beyond yourself, it's Vietnam's exports likely "relegation" in the near future . That opinion is totally unwarranted, by branch of Vietnam is facing three major challenges.

Of the 256 enterprises that processing facilities, up to 119 establishments, enterprises do not guarantee food safety (class C). Currently only about 30 enterprises achieved the standards such as HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 1400, ISO 2200 ... That's news conference promoting the production and consumption of things by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held 02/07/2015 in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the first major challenge for this sector.

The second major challenge that faces the industry is "chaos" in cashew kernel exporters.

According to statistics, every year, the number of exporters increased significantly thing. In 2014 there were 345 cashew exporters, but of which only 73% turnover of less than $ 5 million. Unfair competition, product quality export uneven, the inevitable happened.

According to the Vietnam Cashew Association, the types of products like roasted salted cashew nuts, soaked in honey ... consume the domestic market accounted for only 6%, the remaining 94% is export of cashew packaging. Figures from the General Statistics Office showed that the first 6 months of 2015, Vietnam exported 151,000 tons of people, worth over $ 1.08 billion, up 14% in volume, up 28.4% in value compared with same period of 2014, is considered the "achievement" proud. However, look beyond, depends entirely on the export market, while neglected the domestic market, other sectors such thing a long distance deflection burden, heavy side, the lightweight, sustainable hard!

The third challenge: Vietnam Cashew have the most quality and delicious taste in the world but not branded, packaged just quietly, quietly emigrate around the world- a "disease" that many kinds of agricultural products other exports have, no cure. Vietnam's ever branded thing? It is hard to predict.

Overcoming three challenges require drastic restructuring, a true revolution of the industry

The source: tintucnongnghiep


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