It should be noted for the quality of cashew nut exports


We should be careful the quality of cashew nut before we load the goods into the containers in order control the quality to our customers. According to Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) sent a written recommendation member firms of quality cashew exports

Processed cashew exports (Internet Photo)

Accordingly, Vinacas recently received a letter complaining of some foreign customers about the quality of some export cashew processing facilities in Vietnam conditions such as particle size and each row level drops low, melasma, tanks, humidity increases, living deep, deep dead ... After receiving information reflecting customers, Vinacas worked with accreditation agencies imports and exports, representing buyers and organizations, individuals related.

According to information from the accrediting body, generally the quality of cashew nut exports of Vietnam's first 8 months of 2014 was rated good, uneven quality, rate of pericarp shave and reduce errors compared to years ago.

However, during the period of the rainy season, especially since the beginning of September to present some shipments were found status as mentioned above, especially the moisture problem. The main reason for the increased moisture as some cashew nut's factory are subjective in the rainy period, sheltered workshops not possible to control the humidity in the packaging process, the process of fumigation inappropriate.

Particle size and low dropped consecutive 3 causes. One is, as some companies purchasing from small processors and exporters of packaging and must not handle reclassification. Second, because businesses are using materials of different origin, so the net weight of each particle of different origin may be the machine's size distribution of particles to calculate the standard deviation AFI not standardized.

The third reason, some companies misunderstanding about standards AFI (updated 2012) specified percentage of the commodity pool at the port to be 10%, but this rate adjustment at the port of departure, resulting in too the carriage breaks add 2-3% to exceed the permissible standards of AFI.

Against this backdrop, Vinacas recommended cashew processing enterprises export some content such as humidity businesses need special attention to drying, peeling and packaging of finished silk. Packaging operations are carried out in a closed room, fitted with air conditioning. Goods before being packed should check with the moisture measurement equipment standards. Apply appropriate fumigation process.

To reduce the rate of particle size and low drop NHÀ MÁY ĐIềU purchasing adjacent to better control the quality of what you buy from the small processing units in packing and exporting right, it should be handled carefully before export classification. Second, enterprises should produce batch processing and sorting to separate materials of different origin, should not mix materials of different origin for processing at a time. Third, companies need to control the rate of the tank's type before packing material so as to be suitable port to the standard 2012 is an AFI less than 10%.

Source: Duy Quang 


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