Cashew in 2015 over the scope 2 billions in USD


This year's exports which are facing an opportunity will not only pass but further than $ 2 billion mark.

The reason can be confirmed as above because until this point, the individual is still one of the few agricultural products has been high growth in export value.
According to the General Department of Customs, to the end of July, our country has exported 184,934 tons of cashew nuts worth 1,345 billion. Compared with the same period last year, up 12.5% in volume, while the value increased by 27.1%. In the agricultural products of key export, growth of export value of cassava and cashew lost only products from cassava.
The major agricultural commodities remain, are far behind the growth of cashew exports, including items currently leading the export value in the first 7 months as wood (to the end of July, the price wood exports reached 3.754 billion US dollars, up 9.8% over the same period 2014). Even many commodities continued negative growth in export value. This reinforces the success of individual export this year.

Referring to the success of individual export this year, could not speak to the American market, because this is still the biggest market of Vietnam and important thing than to still have good growth potential. 7 months of this year, exports to the US reached 66 503 individual tones, worth over USD 491 million.
Thus, in volume, accounting for 35.9% US market and about 36% in value. As compared to the same period last year, to the end of July this year, exports to the US rose more thing 14 thousand tons and over $ 150 million. Since 2008, Vietnam has surpassed India to become individual provider number 1 for the US market and has maintained this position.

Last year, Vietnam accounted for nearly one half of the approximately 170 thousand tons of which were imported into the United States. What is remarkable is considering two main rival, India and Brazil, Vietnam individual being imported into the US are suffering from a significant disadvantage of import duties.

Specifically, while India and Brazil that's being imported into the US are not subject to tax, the individual from Vietnam are still subject to 5% tax.
But despite the disadvantages mentioned above, individual export of Vietnam to the United States continued to grow strongly because domestic consumers are increasingly eating more nuts and more importantly the quality of the individual Vietnam American importers appreciated.

It is because of this factor that in time to come, when the TPP was signed, cashew import tax from Vietnam to the US be abolished, the individual Vietnam will increasingly have greater opportunity on this most important market .

Besides the US, which Vietnam's exports continued strong growth in many other markets. 7 months of this year exports to Britain nuts worth 56.6 million, up $ 15 million from the same period in 2014; to Canada reached 51.1 million, up $ 8 million; to the Netherlands totaled 167.2 million, up $ 46 million; Australia to reach 65.9 million, up nearly $ 3 million; Thailand to reach 39.8 million, up more than 12 million ...

Especially with the market growth almost doubled: eg cashew exports to Germany in 7 months reached 5496 tons, worth 40.527 million, nearly doubled in volume and value over the same period (2945 tons, 20.451 million). In the largest market, the Chinese market is only down slightly in volume and value: 23 459 tons and 160.8 million compared with 27 482 tonnes and 161.2 million.
In the remaining months of the year, exports of cashew kernels may not grow stronger as the beginning of the year. Because in the Chinese market, in addition to devalue yuan, a local number in the country of Vietnam border gate with domestic tax increases with cashew nuts to 13%. These factors are more or less will affect cashew exports to China, the market is currently the 3rd largest of Vietnam's industries.

However, with the first 7 months reached more than 1,345 export value billion, and demand remains fairly steady individual clients from USA, Canada, EU, Australia ..., cashew export prices Export remained quite high, cashew export forecasts for the rest of our country entirely possible this year far exceeded $ 2 billion mark.


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