Cashew Exports-the highlight of the sector first 8 months of 2015

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At the meeting, Deputy Minister appreciated the role and results of operations of VINACAS in recent . In the context of the world economy and domestic recession, many industries face difficulties in production and business, this sector is still developing, manufacturing efficiency, output and exports following year higher year ago.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the first 8 months of 2015 exports totaled 214,000 cashew tons (up 8.4%), with US $ 1.55 billion (up 22%) in value over the same period 2014. This is an impressive result because cashews are 1 in 2 single agricultural products have strong growth in both volume and value.

On the basis of the recommendations and suggestions of VINACAS, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development agreed with the proposal of the Association of Fund supports the development of joint production and export conditions and Association built right scheme fund and submit a submission concerning the units consulted for the government.

Pursuant to the proposal to restructure the agricultural sector and projects to enhance the value-added agricultural, forestry and aquatic products processing and reduce losses after harvest, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development proposed VINACAS built right schemes restructuring his sector, which proposed the content implementation, the project, the model should be developed and mechanisms, policy support.

About associate producer, the agriculture and countryside development department suggest VINACAS selected proposals, the proposed construction of the model links the chain of production, processing and marketing; summary, choose the typical farmer has made outstanding achievements in the link and organize production to reward the occasion of this review of the new rural construction in May 11/2015. Simultaneously, Economic Affairs Bureau and Rural Cooperation, the National Agricultural Extension Center, in collaboration with relevant agencies, guidance and support in the implementation of the Association to build link typical pattern.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Affairs Department of Agro-forestry, aquaculture and Salt chaired, along Association reviewed the entire list of standards, technical regulations has and recommended building standards, technical regulations lacking to contribute to improving the quality, safety and hygiene of food products exported by Vietnam thing.

On the trade promotion program, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will participate in coordinated, organized and able to support a portion of the funding for this activity. MARD proposed scheduling Association trade promotion posts Department of Agro-forestry-fishery and Salt consideration and put into annual plans for implementation. Besides, in May 8/2015, the Association suggested recommending content to work with India to supplement the work program of trade promotion in India's Ministry of Agriculture and PT NT in November / 2015.


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