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At the seminar "bumper season thing" took place recently in "the capital that" Binh Phuoc, Dang Hoang Giang - Vice Chairman of the Association Article VN (Vinacas) asks: Price of season 2014-2015 will be Star? Raw cashew sustainable development or not? In essence, these are difficult questions, not easily answered.

However, Jiang information: According to the World Council, the global production of crude crop year 2014 - 2015 will reach about 2.6 million tonnes or 619,000 tons of people (down 130,000 tons compared with 2013 crop year) ; meanwhile, forecast that global human consumption of up to 650,000 tons (an increase of 53,000 tons).

This proves that the consumer market is very good, the output for the complete peace of mind and price increases. In particular, the major consumer market will be India, USA, Europe and Middle East.\

Representatives Vinacas also states, "rival" of almonds cashews are consumed the most capital in the nuts, then this service decline in output, will be an opportunity to push up price of cashew nuts. The forecast is actually starting to happen from that case in 2014, when the price of crude reached 25 million / ton, higher than 10-15% compared to the previous season.

At the same time, export prices of cashew from this year are under upward direction, the most powerful is the time in September and 10/2014. So far, production of cashew exports reached 225,000 tonnes VN turnover of 1.46 billion USD, up 19.6% in volume and 21.8% in value compared with the same period of 2013.

According to Nguyen Thi Kim Nga - Chairman of Binh Phuoc thing, now that domestic production is only sufficient supply less than 50% of the processing capacity of the company; most of the rest is imported from West Africa, East Africa. Given the seasonality globally unfavorable sure cashews VN service 2014 - 2015 will be the key to the country towards NK.

 "Therefore, the price of fresh early season 2014 - 2015 will certainly be very high. Farmers should focus on care, rehabilitation orchard to improve productivity, quality, increase revenue, "- she said the Russian.


Mr. Ta Quang Huyen, Director Hoang Son Co. Ltd 1 (Binh Phuoc) said that, after 10 years of establishment, to this scale cashew processing unit has reached 25,000 tons / year. So, there are people for not promptly harvest brought the driver in question had "darling have no" to in purchasing. It can be asserted, the output may increase how much (in the country), her children and be assured of the output.

Similarly, Ms. Tran Bich Phuong Thao Nguyen Joint Director General (Ba Ria - Vung Tau) said, in 2013, export turnover reached 70 million units, which, in particular oil products that have reached $ 20 million USD

Now that oil has very high export value, the next time the company will continue to promote further processed products. Therefore, cashew growers themselves assured of output problem. Most importantly, now that her children should focus on care, rehabilitation orchard to ensure increased productivity, quality and sustainable development "- Phuong said.

In relation to quality management issues that service 2014 - 2015, many farmers in Bu Dang district (Binh Phuoc) suggest, required management measures trader of mixing impurities in it to earn illicit profits, affecting the reputation of Binh Phuoc thing, making the price farmers were also affected.

Also recommended the authorities to continue technical support, high quality seeds, helping farmers engaged learning models grafted with high efficiency.

Replies farmer, Nguyen Van Loi - Deputy Chairman of Binh Phuoc, Head of Development Steering Committee of Binh Phuoc affirmed thing, trees over time have not been paid adequate attention, not leaders departments table much discussion. By now the rubber down, trees should be rethinking its proper role, especially with the local farmers and remote.

Next time, Binh Phuoc will link farmers to focus, organize seminars at edge, choose the method of renovating and improving productivity, quality seed orchard and choose the good, suitable for replication. At the same time, the province will also accelerate the granting of land use rights and assets attached to the farmers can easily borrow for production, renovation orchard.

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