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In the context of trade industry extremely bright, intensive program, orchard grafting renovated by the Association Article VN (Vinacas) initiated and MARD drastic directing widespread implementation, has been created strides in improving the productivity, quality cashew nut

Open markets

At the preliminary meeting production and transplant intensive breeding that took place yesterday 8/9, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, said Le Quoc Sales: The conference takes place in the context of what is very positive XK, so far has exported 215,000 tons of cashew nuts of all kinds, turnover of 1.56 billion (up 9% in volume and 22% in turnover over the same period).

Together with the XK, work intensification, rehabilitation orchard grafting are achieving good results when two years of productivity, the output continued to grow, to help farmers increase their income.

Thus, individual agricultural commodities is the 3rd largest export of VN, after coffee and rice; 8% of the total export turnover of agricultural sector since the beginning of 2015 VN far.

In particular, in 2015 industry forecast that VN will mark represents 50% of total export value of global individual.

Specifically, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh - Chairman of Vinacas information of commercial value industry in the world is about $ 8 billion, including $ 5 billion in trade and $ 3 billion individual commercial crude. If the amount of individual transactions, export turnover of VN expected this year to reach $ 2.5 billion, which accounted for half of global trade individual.

Mr. Thanh also said the brand is very strong VN thing, although we do not have papers recognize this, but ask buyers in 70 countries and territories around the world (including the largest US 30%, Europe 25% and China 15% share of exports that VN), they appreciate it and always buy our good prices.

The production is having a increasing trend

Since the program intensive rehabilitation orchard grafting initiated by Vinacas, then Minister Cao Duc Phat appreciated, drastically implement replication, helped yield, quality cashew VN go to see.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and countryside development, Le Quoc Doanh:

Ago 3-4 years, leaders of ministries and local authorities are worried that acreage and yields fell sharply, but until now had changed markedly.

Local welcomes seriously implement the conclusions of the Ministers launched since 2014, far more local policy development and contribute to growth in this sector.

Next time, the Ministry advocates considered the subject cashew investment focus, accelerate direct and coordinate with the local implementation of intensive rehabilitation orchard, tightening the management like to give productivity, quality things come up.

Specifically, after the deployment of 200 points Vinacas intensive rehabilitation garden transplants prove effective, Lam Dong, Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Ba Ria - Vung Tau has been actively involved.

Binh Phuoc Province has recognized 3 PN1 nurseries, MH4 / 5, MH5 / 4 bullet and identified a number of cashew yield, good grain quality. Dong Nai Province has identified 2 cashew yield, good grain quality in Bom.

Ba Ria - Vung Tau has identified 3 top line trees, grain yield of over 100 kg / tree / year. Lam Dong Province issued a decision recognizing 19 leading lines serve as a basis for improvement transplant.

Tran Cong Khanh - Director of Center for Research and Development cashew (the Institute of Agricultural Science for Southern Vietnam), after performing intensive pruning, Canopy, spraying pesticides and grafting renovation, many orchard did yield from 2-3 tons / ha.

In particular, a number of new application models and similar synthetic techniques in Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Ba Ria - Vung Tau yield of 4-5 tonnes / ha.

Regarding the same, MARD has recognized some new varieties like 3 seed regionalization PN1, CH1, LG1; 7 seed production temporarily MH5 / 4, MH4 / 5, MH2 / 7, MH2 / 6 and MH3 / 5, D9DH66-14, D9DH67-15; 4 seed production testing TL11 / 2, TL2 / 11, TL6 / 3, DH102-293; 5 individuals leading lines ES-04, EK-24, BD901, quarter 11, KP12.

Therefore, according to Nguyen Van Hoa - Deputy Director Horticulture, in 2 years that productivity has changed markedly.

Specifically, in 2014 that the average yield of 12 quintals / ha (up 2.5 tons / ha compared to 2013), the total output of 345,000 tonnes. To 2015 it was estimated yield of 13.2 quintal / ha (continued increase of 1.2 kg / ha), production reached 400,000 tons.

Thus, thanks to the drastic direction of MARD, the entry of Vinacas and departments, local, farmers, helped yield that from 2013 to 2015 increased by 3.7 kg / ha. Moreover, the quality of cashew production in the country improves, customers rated higher than that imported raw materials.

Establish a fund to support this sector

Previous proposals for the early establishment Vinacas support fund linked production and export conditions, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development were approved share the same opinion.

Mr. Nguyen Phu Hoa, representatives Export Department of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, said: "Eating this plant tree fence", the Ministry of Trade and Industry supported the establishment of a fund to support returning cashew farmers develop production production.

Similarly, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le National Revenue confirmed: "I think that this fund is required to serve overall development of the cashew sector VN".

According to Nguyen Duc Thanh - Chairman of Vinacas, when formed, each year the fund would earn about $ 600,000, of which revenues from 4 sources: support from the State, the first attack on the export revenues of all companies processing XK conditioning (1 USD / ton XK), grants and other revenues.

About mission expenses: 70% of the fund of funds used to support the program of intensive rehabilitation and research orchard varieties, farmers support it; 30% is spent on research to improve the process technology, manufacturing processing equipment, improve product quality and food safety and hygiene during processing; trade promotion and market development in the country.

Fund executives will have separate management and regulations in accordance with the law.



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