Cashew industry- Avoiding mistaken

Vietnam is not only the head exporter from which the current 9 years but also is  a country of processing cashew kernel volume surpassing No. 1 in India.

Food safety

Vinacas chairman said, the first 6 months of export enterprises is 150 thousand tons of cashew nuts with a turnover of $ 1.1 billion. Given this situation, the 2015 can export 300 thousand tons of cashew for 2,2 billion, at least equaling if compared to 2014. If you count from cashew products such as deep-processing products create value increases or nut oil, the export turnover of 2.5 billion USD this sector. Positive factors of cashew kernel export is export prices which is better than last year, experts say, as a result of drought, the price of grain in the world are increasing, including cashews.

However, the cashew processing industries facing challenges. Currently is food safety when no less container export kernels was returned due to Salmonella infection or E.coli. Including cases of cross contamination such as sterile goods Cafe Control said. Currently, the group FDA - Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration) are checking food safety at the processing plant. Preliminary data showed 32 businesses surveyed 15 enterprises with food safety issues. Even products at factory also uneven in quality due to different origins. The popular customers like domestic cashew due to the quality and tasty but got confused when raw cashew processing with imported materials from other countries, especially in Africa. This easy to discredit and influence the individual branding of Vietnam. Nguyen Duc Thanh said domestic materials, when processed and sold to customers with higher price of 30 cents / kg compared with ingredients from Africa.

Another limitation is the status of competitive businesses together in a low price to boost exports while Brazilian firms particularly India and do the opposite, competitive price with high quality uniform and hold prestige in trade, contract is fully implemented before the market volatility and ensure food safety issues. That is why it is priced higher than Vietnam's cashew. Too many businesses involved in exporting it, 2014 is the 345 enterprises, including enterprises with export value of less than 5 million / year for 73%, creating unfair competition, product quality Uneven exports and damaging for the whole industry. In the long term this is a disadvantage for Vietnam's industries. 2014, checked 265 premises, with class C 119/265 basis, accounting for 44.9%. Need to have a seriously deal with the premises of class C (no guarantees about food safety and hygiene conditions), to hold the prestigious Vietnam products that make up the equity investment in the business and production between facilities cashew processing.

Currently, the average yield of the cashew is around 1.2 tons / ha, but in some 50 farmers were honored recently, the highest yield up to 4.5 tons / ha, an average of 2.5 t / ha.

The biggest drawback of this sector is the conflict between state exports increased steadily, occupying high positions, but the area and the domestic production of crude continued to fall up being dependent of imported raw materials, the quality does not equal domestic. In 2007, area 444 thousand hectares it is, but so little care cashew growers, the average yield of 1.1 tons / ha to 0.8 t / ha. Income is not high so poorly competitive advantage, an area that decline, in 2014, 294 thousand hectares only. From raw material mainly used in domestic industry now depends on imported articles, with more than twice the amount of raw materials in the country (2014), became a net importer of raw cashew nuts the world's second, India imported nearly equal amount, the largest importing countries and more than 10 times the import of third country Brazil. Determining this is advantageous crop of Vietnam, from 2013, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development implemented many measures to help farmers improve productivity with similar solutions. With synergies from the state, the business associations and farmers, in 2014 it has increased productivity of 0.1 tons / ha compared to the highest year, thereby improving economic efficiency, Base to hold stable area of ​​the material, creating sustainable growth for this sector. The are in 2 recently also moved up by nearly 4,000 ha.

Mr. Pham Van Nguyen, an cashew expert, counselor of Vinacas Executive Committee warned, current demand of cashew seeding is very high for replanting and rehabilitation of 60 thousand hectares between now and 2020, each year to some three million seeding. Cuttings must be between 8 and older trees as steady productivity. If not controlled, not eliminated many places running after profits when using both trees 3-4 years old to breed. This would be the worst possible thing to repeat as ten years ago, resulting in increased productivity, but it can not decrease with almost 50% of the area planted grafted disqualification. There are units in the Central Highlands to liquidate the entire 3,000 ha thing for underage grafted. So do not for achievement after quantity which affects both the sustainable development of this sector.


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