Cashew- Why we eat


Because cashew is a pool of protein and a resource of mineral like iron and zinic. Cashew will be a great choice if it is for vegetarian diet. Also cahew nut have magnesium which is the same calcium function is good for health, lower memory loss disease . Moreover, cashew is used as the top of the cake or spice into food to make more tasty

That s reason that cashew is a famous nut and is known as over the world.  But based on that each country have different habbits in eating cashew. Such as Europe where they eat cashew as dried, salted or roasted as snack or junk food which they usually bring in personal however in chinese and South East Asian, they are usually add to main food like chicken or prawn dishes evenly they can use to add in salad . Not stopping into food furthermore cashew nut but also confectionary like candy and chocolate. Cashew have sweet aroma taste so it is popular to be used in chocolate for example nut chocolate is one of teen and kid favourite.

Cahew help to lower the bad cholesterol. It provide a great energy to start a new day especially it is one of special healthy food


khach-hangLet's us discover steps how to make cashew...

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