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Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) Dang Hoang Giang, said at the congress Seeds and Dried Fruit World, The Global Organization in 2 sessions on cashew and 9 sessions of nuts, dried fruit other, participants assessed that the global production of crop year 2015-2016; the imbalance between the growth of raw materials (5% / year), with the rate of increase in processing capacity that Vietnam and India (8-10%). The participants said that the production of machine bring high economic efficiency, but requires very strict about the quality of raw cashew nuts. Therefore, there must be an international set of standards for raw cashew, especially that imported from Africa. On the issue of cashew processing in Africa, delegates said that the time is not convenient because the costs are much higher than the processing in Vietnam and India.

While demand global grain consumption growth, especially the US and European countries, the production of all kinds of cashew nuts counterweight as almonds, hazelnuts, pistachio, walnuts .. . have decreased due to climate change. My customers are very interested in the quality of imports and the traceability of goods. Americans are expected to invest in a factory in Vietnam to focus sources to meet rigorous standards of the organization to protect the interests of consumers FDA.

At the meeting, a large North American customers have suggested associations quality certification of goods for standard products to the US market in order to create customer confidence to the Vietnam Cashew.

Some American and European customer forecast, if the market does not have these unexpected events, the price of cashew nuts this year remained stable around 3.6 USD / lb (one pound = 0,45359237kg). The major clients of North America, Europe and India are very interested in Vietnam market, while domestic raw material market is very difficult. 4 months, Vietnam imported 197.5 thousand tons, an increase of 175.74% in volume over the same period of 2014. As noted by Vinacas, enterprises quantities of raw cashew imports surged, many businesses have online through Africa to buy things. Particularly in the Ivory Coast, as demand for crude increases and the involvement of too many traders, brokers have made it competitive purchases in Africa is very hot.

With inventories of grains (including nuts) of North America, Europe, the first 6 months of 2015 is quite low, coupled with the demand for grain is growing strong worldwide, while India is unbalanced between production and consumption articles (already more than 70% of the processing facilities that India closed) forecasts the market will continue to prosper this year.


To gradually build and develop sustainable thing, period 2014-2017, in Binh Phuoc province, nearly 1,000 farmers participating in the transplantation technique class thing guidelines. Vinacas also determine the origin scion, research-intensive processes, process improvement and the selection transplant initial plants.

Dang Hoang Giang said that the ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has approved support association 1 billion for the project extension renovation orchard grafting. In the meantime, the association has hired an independent expert assessment of project results and implementation of improvement of transplantation. Accordingly, Binh Phuoc has 40 points and split 20 points in Dong Nai, Ba Ria - Vung Tau 10 points, 10 points Binh Thuan and Lam Dong 20 points. The choice of location is based on 3 criteria: First, cashew farmers in remote areas or ethnic minorities. Secondly, the voluntary participation of Vinacas extension projects, responsible for the implementation of the project results. Third, orchard low productivity and need renovating, improving productivity and quality.

To gradually develop a sustainable thing, Nguyen Duc Thanh, chairman of Vinacas suggested: Binh Phuoc has 40 points in early deployment transplant improvement, review and recognition of cashew "elite" to take scion. Binh Phuoc is key cashew provinces of the country, Binh Phuoc has many advantages in production and business conditions. Therefore, there should be development oriented, clear planning and incentives for business thing.

President Vinacas also suggested, Binh Phuoc control food safety and processing facilities to meet requirements of international customers. FDA' organization upcoming will inspect some processing facilities that Vietnam's exports to the US market. Therefore, quality management is an important prerequisite to Binh Phuoc branding and geographical indications that Binh Phuoc. Association is preparing to take the opinions of local transformation of international cooperation funds that the Sustainable Development Fund on the basis that revenues from exports to cater to domestic production, support agriculture People and businesses that the extension processing, trade promotion, science - technology, to stimulate consumer demand in the cashew domestic

The source: Vinacas


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