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Bonanza cashew kernel

West African countries are ready to overtake India - the country with the largest area of ​​the world thing. According to data of the Ivorian sector, output of crude this country has tripled in the past decade, particularly miraculous leap after the civil war ended in 2011. At the same time, the price of crude rose strong due to growth in the global cashew consumption, especially in the US, China and India. Is an indispensable ingredient in Asian cuisine, county increasingly being used as raw as snacks staff (snack), and the company as WhiteWave Foods Co. has used it to create replacement drinks and ice cream World milk (non-dairy beverages & ice-cream).

While many people still use peanuts (technically, the communication really is not "seed" particles heading of things that under a grant), the nut has become a food with competitive price among tree nuts (tree-nuts) as pistachio, walnuts and hazelnuts. Almond have hit record prices in the past two years due to a prolonged drought in California (USA) is home to the production area and the world's largest almond. Ivory Coast - exporting countries leading cocoa has seen the value of cashews and has boosted production and export of key commodities. This year the value of exports increased by nearly 50% compared with last year has helped it become industrial plants 2nd value of the Ivory Coast.

Almonds and Pistachio

According to the dried nuts Council International (INC), in 2014 the global cashew market value was 4.69 billion dollars of trade, compared with US $ 8.32 billion of almond, 7.33 billion dollars of the county pistachio and 6.45 billion dollars of walnuts.

National income of the emerging economies in Asia are improving motivation for the majority of global growth conditions, especially in India - where the grain was ground into flour to flavor curries and traditional sweets. According to the Organization for Africa Initiative (Aci), in addition to processing and exports, India has doubled sales volume amounted to 240,000 tons of people since 2004. In China, the demand is quite stable compared with a decade ago, reached 50,000 tons.

After a decade of civil war between pro-government southern and northern rebels, Ivory Coast industry gradually restored and developed. Controversial elections in 2010 has caused political unrest within 5 months later with 3,000 people killed. Since 2011, the Ivorian economy grew an average of 9% per year and the Government is currently targeting 10% this year.

Winches time last 30/6, Cotton Council & Ivory Coast (CCA) announced it had reached a record harvest this year is 625,000 tons of crude compared with 185,000 tons in shell of 10 years ago here (2005). Next year, Ivory Coast would set a target production of 700,000 tons of crude to surpass India in 2017 - under President CCA Salogo Department. This country is not enough processing capacity, so most raw cashew nuts in shell will be for export to factories in Asia - where it will be shelled / peeled and sold as a private person for consumption domestic market or re-exported

The source: Vinacas


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