Cashew planning towards major export commodities


Actual production conditions in our country

Currently, there are over 465 processing establishments, including 30 enterprises processing standards HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, BRC. To enhance competitiveness in the market, meet the requirements of cashew processing technology export standards, reduce pressure on labor and 100% of large enterprises have invested automate many stages in the chain manufacturing (cut, deck, peeled silk); processing technology innovation. 2013, businesses purchasing domestically produced cashews 285,000 tons, the average price from 20,000 to 23,000 VND / kg, meets 30% of demand of the processing plant, and the rest imported; On average, quality cashew nut imports uneven, many shipments of inferior quality compared to domestic (about the recovery's rate, particle size, moisture content, impurities).

In recent years, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has recognized and allows production test 10 new varieties. Currently, the unit continues to research, recruitment of new varieties have many outstanding advantages, medium yield, quality, disease resistance, adaptation to the ecological conditions of each region and tolerant with climate change, is being replicated in the future. The survey data show that only about 34.4% of the area under the current conditions is cultivated with new varieties, area planted with trees actually born thing, old varieties still covers a large area, over 65, 6%, most of this area like poor quality, very little care, have had some manifestation degradation. The new orchard planting, most farmers using grafted, new, but stitched managing origin, variety quality is inadequate, some providers do not meet the requirements like technical standards growers do not really reassuring thing when converted to growing grafted varieties, new.

Especially in recent years, many technological advancements of cashew was the professional body, the extension system, which transfers the Association through various ways such as intensive model building, renovated garden old thing, care, fertilizing, pruning, Canopy, pest control ... has held numerous technical workshops, seminars, visits, promotion and advertisement. Many cashew farmers learn, follow and have achieved very positive results, especially farmers in the Southeast province, Central Highlands, Binh Dinh Province.

Planning to gradually improve the quality orchard

With perspective, sustainable development of the cashew sector, towards modern, uniform, large-scale commodity production with the diversified product quality, providing high added value, increase income for farmers and now, from now to 2020, the manufacturing industry that strives total growing area of ​​350 thousand hectares exploited (distributed in 9 provinces of Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Binh Thuan, Gia Lai, Dak Nong, Lam Dong, Dak Lak, Binh Dinh), while harvested area of ​​300 thousand hectares, accounting for 85.7%; yield 15-17 quintals / ha; total export turnover of $ 2.5 billion in this sector. To achieve this goal, the industry needs to make some major solution group and synchronous. That is:

One is to review and adjust the plan to plant it. Forming key growing areas, intensive investment focus towards building large orchard; transportation construction, irrigation, procurement network, processing. Sort the existing orchard acreage old thing, insect variety, seed planting unsatisfactory need replanting, rehabilitation; eligible area, the focus of intensive, increasing productivity.

Second: To gradually improve orchard quality, increase productivity, efficiency and improve the living conditions for local people, local plans conform intensive at the highest level in order to develop the potential advantages and improve the economic efficiency of cashew and planning, specific steps for replanting, rehabilitation, restoring old orchard, insect pests, seed unsatisfactory or switch to forestry plantation or other crops for which planted area inappropriate, lower efficiency.

Third: Focus on intercropping, mixed feed it with the total area of ​​crops, livestock fit. Specifically, on irrigated land to plant additional cacao intercropping conditions; on soil moisture conditions will cashew mix ginger, turmeric, cardamom; on slopes, hills, coastal combined cashew chicken backyard, raising bees for honey ...

Fourthly: The study selected and put into production varieties with high yield, good quality, suitable for each ecoregion, withstand some major pests and adapt to climate change. Construction bullets garden, the garden's original species. For grafted, 100% scion, rootstock must be taken from the initial plants certified; regular inspection and evaluation to ensure the requirements of seedlings. Holder's choosing, seed suppliers must commit to comply with the technical and material responsibility for the quality of seedlings.

Fifthly: Reorganization of production towards strengthening horizontal linkages between farmers planted it together, forming producer organizations: cooperatives, cooperative economic organizations and organizations unite producers, club the high-yield cashew, cashew farmers union ... Gather farmers are planting it (there have been 456 410 cashew farmers) to build consensus for them to receive technical progress; market information and prices; receiving the State's policies and work together to properly implement technical measures to improve productivity, quality, efficiency and raise incomes for communities.

The six are: Strengthening links between growers thing now, modeling large sample orchard, advanced materials to build the thing for every business. Planning and rearrangement processing enterprises, exports fell clue what direction, forming large processing facilities, equipment and modern technology. The recommendation not to establish a new basis and no additional processing power when processing cashew nut market supply of domestic raw materials have not outgrown the capacity of processing. Building a model of quality management according to international standards ISO, HACCP, GMP, BRC and technical regulations cashew processing facilities to ensure food safety.

The seven are: Promoting domestic consumption of things, seek export markets for processed products with high quality and value. Priority support the export processing enterprises. Expanded information systems help farmers, businesses invest in developing production consistent with market demand and consumption of products effectively. Continue to improve policies to support trade promotion, export encouragement through Vietnam Cashew Association. Moving from export subsidy policies to support in order to enhance the competitiveness of Vietnam thing, prepare good conditions for participation in TPP agreement.

Strengthening mechanisms and policies for businesses that develop

To make planting replanting, rehabilitation, restoration and replanting, intercropping trees of the planning conditions, the manufacturer needs the attention and support from the State by specific policies. That is, support 80% of the seedlings and technical standards for farmers was produced from the seed supply unit is specified; 40% fertilizer to grow it in the first year when performing renovation or restoration that area and in the first 3 years after planting, replanting. Regarding investment loans, the interest rate support concessional 6% / year for a period of 7 years for replanting plant investment, renovation and restoration by planting new varieties of quality, time repayments and interest starting in the 4th and 7th year ended.

Besides the financial support, the manufacturer that wishes to get the mechanism and policies to ensure the development of production is stable: the relevant authorities early construction, issued purchasing floor price cashew nuts annually to base the purchase price now secure; forms Hedging Fund cashew sector, by mobilizing resources from the State budget and contributions of business conditions and other contributions; reduced value-added tax to products sold domestically thing.

The source: Vinacas


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