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Push the price and quality

According to the latest report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, particularly in September, cashew export volume is estimated at 30 thousand tonnes worth USD 218 million, bringing the export volume 9 months reached 245 thousand tonnes with 1.78 billion USD, increasing by 7.8% in volume and 20.6% in value over the same period in 2014.

Notably, the price of cashew nuts exported on average 8 months to reach $ 7,271 / ton, up 12.48% over the same period in 2014. The United States, the Netherlands and China remained the market 3 biggest importer of Vietnam thing. The market value increased as Germany 80%, Thailand 51%, USA 35% ....

Favorable export as well as the limited supply has impacted positively on the domestic market. Evidence that the purchase price of dried cashew nuts in Binh Phuoc reached a high level of about 37,500 VND / kg. On average, 9 months, domestic cashew market volatility increased slightly from the first price was VND36,000 / kg to price 37500-37800 / kg due to export prices and demand increase.

According to the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas): Most experts predicted that the world market will be more positive changes in the first half of the fourth quarter when all markets from the Americas to Europe and Asia will have to concentrate on the most important shopping period of the year is Christmas and New Year 2016. More recently, a number of export contracts were traded firms buy up as far as November.

Exports reached US $ 2.5 billion a year

Although exports are constantly increasing, but the current export conditions are still difficult in the source material. In fact, 9 months, the volume of imports of raw materials amounted to 762 thousand tons, the import value reached 975 million, up 65.6% in volume and more than 2 times in value over the same period of 2014. According to MARD, the current lack of raw materials and purchase prices of raw materials from Africa increased (from $ 1,000 / ton earlier this year to $ 1,300 - $ 1,400 / tonne currently) so most of the small processing facility in Binh Phuoc had to suspend operations.

Nguyen Duc Thanh, chairman of Vinacas said that the whole industry is expected this year will export about 320,000 tons of cashew nuts of all kinds, worth about $ 2.5 billion. To ensure this sector for sustainable development, a few years intensive program, coupled renovated orchard by Vinacas initiated and MARD drastically direct the wide, has created strides in improving productivity and quality of cashew nuts.

By this time, Vinacas has deployed a total of 190 points of the model demonstration orchard grafting renovated with funding plan over 2 billion, including 90 points in Binh Phuoc; Dong Nai 65 points; Lam Dong, 20 points; Binh Thuan 15 points. Based on the effectiveness of the project, expected to demonstration sites will be added in the near future.

Around the issue of sustainable development of the cashew sector, spoke at the conference preliminary production, intensification and grafting breeding that had occurred, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and PNTT Le National Revenue confirmed, next time, the Ministry of Agriculture and PNTT Home cashew undertakings regarded as objects of investment focuses. The Ministry will promote direct and coordinate with local authorities in the implementation of intensive orchard renovation, along with the tightening of the management like to increase productivity, quality things.


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