Cashew planning towards major export commodities

As industry developed on a large scale, large area, creating jobs for over 900,000 workers, contributing to poverty reduction to farmers in agricultural production and processing, exports ranked 4 after rice, coffee and rubber. 

Cashew export explore: Ivory Coast Sea

Consumers Western favorite snacks flavored salt (Salty-snack), who do not use fresh milk (lactose-intolerant) and the "fan" Asian cuisine fans are indirectly supported pole for cashew farmers had been devastated by war - Ivory Coast.

Cashew -Continue to remove difficulties

On the issue of cashew processing in Africa, delegates said that the time is not convenient because the costs are much higher than the processing in Vietnam and India.

Cashew- Why we eat

Cashew contain a a great mineral copper is good for skin and hair. One copper have component of enzymes, tyrosinase, converts tyrosine to melanin which contribute give hair and skin its colour.

Cashew industry- Avoiding mistaken

Whereas many agricultural and fisheries products decreased export volume and value, the cashew and pepper are two bright spots. As Chairman of the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) Nguyen Duc Thanh


khach-hangLet's us discover steps how to make cashew...

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