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There are 4 types of peanuts grown in the United States and around the world.

virginiaVirginia  Contrary to the now standard state naming trend, a “Virginia” peanut does NOT mean it was grown in the state of Virginia.  Virginia used to be the primary state which the largest peanuts were grown, so the big peanuts, most people are used to seeing in the shell, became known as “Virginia’s”.   Virginia peanuts are now grown around the world. North Carolina currently grows the largest number of Virginia peanut acres. runnersRunners: Runner type peanuts are the largest volume of peanuts grown in the US.  This type peanut usually yields the highest pounds per acre at the farm.  Runners are a great tasting type, with a small consistent round shape.  This generally makes these peanuts a great value, and preferred by many candy and peanut butter manufacturers. Georgia dominates growth of Runners, growing far more than any other state.  Runners are also grown in NC, SC, FL, MS, AL, TX and OK.80% of the 2013 crop was Runner type.  Runners are smaller in size than Virginia type peanuts. Therefore, we take them 100% out of the shell and roast the kernels.
spanishValencia:  This type peanut is grown primarily in Texas and produces a small reddish brown kernel. Around 2%  of the 2013 crop was Spanish peanuts. Their consistent shape, size and color make them popular with candy and brittle manufacturers. A naturally high oil content, makes Spanish peanuts ideal for extracting. valenciaValencia:  The exclusive Valencia’s are grown in the dry sandy soils of eastern New Mexico.  This type yields a long peanut, frequently with more than 2 kernels inside each shell.  The kernels are smaller and come with a natural sweeter flavor than other varieties.  This makes this peanut the preferred type of many natural peanut butters. New Mexico grows almost all the Valencia type peanuts.  A few are grown in Texas each year.Only 1% of the 2013 peanut crop was Valencia type.The Valencia type has a thinner shell than other varieties.  This makes it a great choice for boiling, a popular practice in the Southern United States.



In the United States, peanuts arte graded according to standards established and maintained by the USDA – United States Department of Agriculture.
In Severn, North Carolina, we have a USDA facility on our grounds. The building is staffed by USDA personnel which grades all our peanuts.
Contrary to the now standard state naming trend, a “Virginia” peanut does NOT mean it was grown in the state of Virginia.
In Shell– We first grade the peanuts for size, with the largest being separated from the smaller peanuts. They are then screened for acceptable color, with those that meet that high standard now destined to become the ultimate – Hampton Farms In Shell Peanuts. There are then 3 sizes of In-Shell Virginia’s.

virginia type peanuts 1 bonanza

Shelled (out of the shell) – Those peanuts which are not large enough to become in-shells are then sent to the “sheller” which removes the kernels from the shell. The kernels are then sorted into different sizes.

virginia type peanut 2 bonanza vietnam

Runner Type - All runners are shelled, meaning we knock the off them all. We then size them into the following grades.

runner peanuts type

Valencia Type - We handle all of our Valencia peanuts in our Portales NM shelling facility. We fist size them to make the largest into an in-shell Valencia grade. Smaller peanuts are then sized as Valencia kernels and used for naturally sweet peanut butter.

valentia peanuts1

Spanish Type – All Spanish peanuts are shelled, meaning we knock the off them all. We then size them into the following grades.

spanish type peanuts bonanza vietnam


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